"David is a whirlwind of energy in the studio.  He is one of the most versatile, talented, and fun producers I know--and I know many.  Bottom line: I respect David's talent and taste so much that I trust him with my own records."

~Michael James, Producer / Mixer (New Radicals, Hole, Chicago, Robben Ford, Edwin McCain)

About David


David J. Holman Productions


David is knowledgeable in all aspects of sound recording, producing and mixing, which includes advanced knowledge of Pro-tools and all recording mediums. He also has a vast knowledge of sound acoustics resulting from years of hands on experience in recording studio construction. David guides the artist in creating the best performance toward the goal of making a record that has hit potential in today's market. He believes in maintaining the uniqueness of every artist he works with, staying true to their style and their personal creative vision. 


With over forty years in the record biz, and earlier experiences as a musician and songwriter first signed to ASCAP and now  to SESAC, David has a deep knowledge of all aspects of recording; from producing, sound engineering, arranging, and mixing, to overseeing the mastering of the final product. David will collaborate with the artist in songwriting if needed, and inspires the artist to find the best way to express themselves lyrically. David has worked with many artists in the recording business, some more well known than others, culminating many times in hit records resulting in Gold and Platinum albums.

David's love for music all his life has presented opportunities for him over the years that have culminated in experiences and technical abilities that are evident in his recordings. He collaborates with the artist to make the recording process an enjoyable endeavor. David has had the pleasure of working with many types of artists here in the US mixing hit tracks and/or producing artists such as No Doubt, Bush, Bourgeois Tagg, Leanne Kingwell, Nelson, Olivia Newton-John, Layla Lane, and many more  as well as in England with members of the London Philharmonic orchestra, to Japan recording Japanese artist Tetsura Oda.

David produces, records and mixes in his state of the art studio in the hills of Los Angeles where the natural surroundings inspire creativity, yet the excitement of Hollywood is just five minutes away.

"David Holman is a top flight producer, engineer and mixer with a string of gold and platinum records to his credit. I worked with him on the No Doubt "Tragic Kingdom" record where his expertise transformed the tracked recordings into a 20 million selling album. His universal attention to detail without compromising the emotional content the artist is trying to convey can only come from a seasoned professional.

He owns his own state of the art studio which allows him continuity throughout his work along with a relaxed atmosphere that doesn't always exist in most modern studios. This allows the client to focus on the work at hand without distraction or pressure. A joy to work with."

~Tony Ferguson. VP. A&R INTERSCOPE RECORDS (Retired)