"Working with David is a recording artist’s dream. He knows the art of recording vocalists and because of that understanding and a relaxed approach encourages a superior vocal performance of greater nuance. But be prepared to work hard. The production on my first US album is of the highest order and I am blown away by the quality of the sound. I believe David has produced an album of world standard and I am pleased that it’s mine."

 -Marty Rhone



David J. Holman Productions


"Living day in and day out making a record on top of the hill (Holman's studio) was an incredible experience.  David is full of ideas and energy and he makes it clear that a spiritual connection is important from the very first session.  We actually spoke on the phone for hours before I stepped foot in the studio, and we were both jiving and feeling like we could communicate and arrive at a unified vision.  I felt empowered each day and would work with David again in a second. He's a master of sound and emotion and has stood the test of time understanding artists from then and now.  He understands how to create a landscape to bring out the best in each song.  He's also quick to call me out if the performance, the personality of the artist is not there.  To this day I still value his opinion on my works and almost every time I go back and dig a little deeper.  The songs that we worked on for Neon Gas have stood the test of time in my repertoire and I'm still getting Holman mojo on my newer material.  Cheers."  ERS

-Evan Russell Saffer

"What makes David J. Holman great to work with is that he recognises the intrinsic emotional seed inside each song. He's not about stamping his own identity, or some bag of signature tricks on it. He's about using his vast technical skill kit and creative sensitivity to nurture and grow that unique seed to ultimate fruition. He always gets the best out of me and my songs."

~Leanne Kingwell

"I have known David Holman for many years and when I think of David the words that come to mind are, 

Tasteful Self-Restraint Perfectionist. His production and mixes are perfection without the over indulgence. 

 I have heard many things David has mixed and produced, but more importantly, I have seen him in action. I know his work ethic and it is unparalleled. 

 I have seen his preparation work and notes about the mixes before he even begins the mixing process. He is a very detailed oriented individual with organic roots deeply embedded in his approach to making modern sound come to life.

 Filled to the brim with ear candy, his mixes are impossibly 3 dimensional. You find yourself engaged in the song the moment it starts and you stay engaged until the end. He understands the essence of a song, the  importance of dynamics and the building of energy. He instinctively knows how to get that across in a mix with the ideal amount of proper sonic enhancements. 

 A mixing engineers job is probably the most important step in the recording process. A bad mix can kill a great song, but a great mix can take a bad song and make it interesting and listenable. That is how important a mix is to a record and David Holman is worth his weight in platinum. 

 When my album was finished and ready to be mixed, I knew I had to have David mix it. I wasn't going to settle for anyone else as I would be sacrificing the music to do so. I knew his schedule was packed for months out, but I insisted that he would be mixing my record. I am glad I waited as I couldn't be happier with the end result. In fact, I had a mastering engineer tell me that I should go straight to vinyl as there was nothing he would be able to do to make it sound any better than it already was.

 David Holman is seriously one of the best mixing engineers in the world.

 They say Rome wasn't built in a day... and certainly not by one man alone. Yet, if you were to give David that lone task, it probably would have come out even better than it did."

~Evan Stone